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AccessPhone specializes in providing impartial and competitive free quotes on mobile phone contracts. To be more specific, our focus is with no credit check mobile phones.
We recognize that bad credit often gets in the way of approval especially with major providers in the UK. This is primarily because bad credit equates to high risks. When you have a history of defaults, ccjs, arrears or bankruptcy, it's natural for providers to turn down your application unless they want to lose money.
Fortunately, there are now providers who are catering to the bad credit market. Instead of turning down applications outright, said providers are offering deals that do not run credit checks anymore. This is also where AccessPhone plays a critical role. We connect and partner with key providers offering no credit check mobile phone contracts (like so we can continually give competitive quotes and suitable choices for every customer.
In other words, AccessPhone is your gate to the best phone contract deals in the market for people with bad credit. No matter your financial woes or bad credit rating, AccessPhone guarantees to match you with offers where you are highly to get approved.

About Phone Contracts

To know if a no credit check phone contract is truly right for your needs, let's first understand how it works. Phone contracts, as its name suggests, are phone services which tie you up in a lengthy contract in exchange for a handset and a bundle on call, text and data. Instead of buying the handset outright, you get to levy its cost by signing up for a phone contract. Depending on your handset choice and phone tariff bundle, you'll be paying a fixed monthly fee for the next 18 or 24 months.
Signing up for a phone contract, in short, hooks you up to a fixed monthly fee which you’ll have to pay until end of term. Once the contract ends, you get to keep your phone or upgrade to a better plan. Either way, getting a phone contract is one way to get your hands on the handset that want while also enjoying subsidized rates on phones services.
To know more about phone contracts and how they work, head over to Uswitch

Advantages of Phone Contracts

If you've decided on a phone contract, below are the advantages of the phone service you can expect to enjoy.
Phone contracts including the no credit check options are increasingly becoming more popular because of the enticing set-up. With a phone contract, you get to choose from a wide selection of handsets including the latest high end releases. Remember, however, that your choice will ultimately affect your fixed monthly fee. Since you'll be paying for that fee for about 2 years, you'd want to keep the cost within your means.
Another perk phone contracts offer is the cheaper rates on your call, text and data usage. Unlike with pay as you go or PAYG where you pay for your services at the regular rates, phone contracts feature a bundle which allows customers to save on phone bills in the long run. Whether you're a light, average or heavy user, there is a perfect bundle for your lifestyle needs. It's a matter of finding the right plan which AccessPhone will help you with.
At AccessPhone, we promise to give you only the best phone deals. Through our connections, we boast high acceptance rights as well as the most flexible plans for diverse needs that you'll find online. Click here to get started on your no credit check mobile phone application.

Eligibility Criteria

Another great thing about no credit check phones is the fact that the eligibility criteria are nothing complicated at all. To be eligible for a phone contract, you must be of legal age (18 years old or above) and a resident of UK. Providers may also ask you to provide proof of income but you don't necessarily have to be fully-employed. You can be self-employed or working part-time. Either way works as long as you have proof of income.
The cherry on top is, of course, the no credit check policy. Because offers are designed specifically for people with bad credit, approval rate is pretty high at AccessPhone. As long as you meet the requirements and provide the right information, you can almost always expect quick approval within the same day of application.

Get Approved Fast

To make the process even easier, AccessPhone can start you off with a free quote. Based on your income and personal circumstance, we’ll then search and scout the market for the most suitable offers. From here, you can choose the phone contract that bodes well with your situation, budget and needs. Wait for confirmation of your approval within minutes and expect to receive your handset within 24 hours or less upon approval.
To get started and get approved immediately, fill out our online free quote application or you may start comparing available deals at give you a better idea of what type of deals you qualify for.